Wolf in Sheep’s clothing…

Wolf in Sheep’s clothing… To Coin a Phrase…

OK so yesterday I maybe bored you senseless with the snake oil and pie in the sky natter..

Today is only similar in that I reference 2 more phrases, I am not going to give you the origins of either but their meaning is quite obvious.

I spoke of the make money online industry and people selling dreams that are often never a reality or even half achievable…

Vendors that are, perhaps, Wolves in sheep’s clothing…. To coin a phrase (there’s a reason I used this in the title and again now… I will get to that in a minute)



I also mentioned, without name a very good buddy of mine.. His name is Kam and we have been knocking about together online for a fair few years now.

Kam is NOT a snake oil vendor, he’s a say it how it is geezer, he offers a lot of value in his work and courses… A genuine person you will be well advised to connect with (tell him Dominus the Caveman in Spain sent you!)

Anyways, I noticed the other day that Kam had done a mailshot about a Crypto based product. To say I was a little taken aback is an understatement….


Well we have both been of the same mind on Crypto and tend to skim passed references to it, rightly or wrongly…. So I just HAD to contact him and see what the story was.

Bottom line there is a product/phone app that will Mine Crypto for you…. Not only that it is in its Test stage due to launch onto Mainnet later this year…

Getting foggy on this yet?

What is being offered is the chance to start mining Now for NO MONEY DOWN, accumulate Crypto Coin on a DAILY BASIS…. FOR FREE!

Sounds crazy yes?

Well I talked it through with Kam and we agreed it was worth a shot for ZERO investment…. What’s to lose?

I joined a few days ago and have already mined 18 Coins by pressing a button once a day and with NO RESOURCE/BATTERY DRAINAGE!

Go here peeps while it’s in the free stage at some point in the near future people will only be in by cash investment.

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham


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