Want to See AI Magic? Videos on Prompts; Cash on Demand | Alessandro Zamboni Blog

Want to See AI Magic? Videos on Prompts; Cash on Demand | Alessandro Zamboni Blog

“Lights, Camera, AI” is the new jargon that soon overcasts the video industry.

The AI magic revolutionized every minor thing in the world, and the video creation is also not what it used to be.

Video creation, once a sweat-inducing grind, is catching a second wind, all thanks to the wizardry of AI. Whether it’s a health documentary or blockbuster hits, AI’s fingerprints are everywhere, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible.

So, how does AI sneak into the video creation party?

It’s the silent architect behind the scenes. It analyzes, refines, and creates a masterpiece faster than you can say “lights, camera, action.”

Think of scripts. AI is there to serve you.

Videos – No need to record. Just write prompts and AI is sharp enough to generate ideal video clips.

Voiceover? Voice-to-text magic is there waiting for you.

Worried about video editing? AI is the master mojo. Tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X make video editing a breeze.

So, video creation is no longer the secret society of tech wizards. AI-powered editing tools are rolling out the red carpet for even the tech-curious.

Barriers? They’re crumbling faster than a house of cards. Now, even if you’re not a tech guru, you can whip up visual tales that’ll make Spielberg do a double take.

Let’s make some magic happen!


Practical Steps: How to Create Videos Using Runway ML in Minutes

Creating captivating videos using Runway ML is an innovative process that combines the power of AI with user-friendly interfaces.

Follow these detailed steps along with corresponding images to seamlessly produce engaging videos:

1. Choose the Right Platform:

Now, this is important.

As the video creation using AI power is trending, there are many fake platforms appearing on the scene and you better be careful in selecting one.

Go for the wrong platform and you’ll be set for downfall.

What I love most is the ‘Runway ML‘.

Click on the “Download” button to get the Runway ML application suitable for your operating system (Windows/Mac).

2. Install and Set Up Runway ML:

When the download is complete, open the installation file.

Follow the instructions appearing on to install Runway ML and launch the application after installation.

3. Pricing Plans

The amazing thing is that the AI power is free forever – but to a certain limit of use.

Well, its a blessing for all those who want to learn how to generate videos.

Inside Runway ML, you’ll find a library of available models. For video creation, select the relevant model or explore the “Text” models, such as GPT-3.

Just have a look at the pricing:


4. Connect with Video Editing Software:

Runway ML seamlessly integrates with various video editing software.

In the “Settings” or “Preferences” section, connect Runway ML with your preferred video editing tool, such as Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve.


5. Generate Video Using ChatGPT:

Now inside Runway ML, look for the ChatGPT model.

Click on “Open” to launch the ChatGPT interface.

In the ChatGPT interface, write your prompt.

articulate your video concept or script clearly. Specify scenes, dialogue, and any visual elements you want to include. The AI will use this input to generate a draft script.

Click on “Generate” and Runway ML will process your input and provide a draft script along with suggested scenes. Review and refine the generated content.

Once satisfied with the script, click on “Export” or a similar option within Runway ML.

Choose the format compatible with your video editing software.

Save the file to a location easily accessible from your video editor.

By following these steps and using Runway ML, you can create amazing videos in minutes.

Now the big question is how to generate cash out of these AI-generated videos.

Best Strategies to Use Videos to Earn Money

Nowadays, making home videos isn’t just a hobby – it can be a cool way to earn money.

Regular folks are turning into online celebrities by sharing educational, entertaining, or everyday content. Some are even making millions!

These video creators make money through ads, teaming up with brands, selling stuff, and more.

And guess what?

You can do it too! You don’t need fancy skills or equipment – some started with just their phone cameras.

Now that you have your AI-generated videos, let’s explore practical steps to monetize them legitimately:


YouTube Monetization

With over 14 billion visits every month, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform globally.

There are many ways to earn on YouTube, but AdSense is the prime one.

YouTube pays users a minimum of $3-5 for every 1,000 views. So, the more people watch your videos, the more money you can make.

Upload your videos on YouTube and join the YouTube Partner Program. As your videos gain views and subscribers, you can earn money through ad revenue.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is just like a simple ‘sales man’ job.

You recommend a product and earn commission when people buy it.

Use the power of videos to help people. In this way, you win the trust of people. Then the next step is to identify products or services relevant to your niche and promote them.

Join affiliate programs and include affiliate links in your video descriptions.

Earn a commission for every sale made through your links.


Create a Subscription Site

You can boost their income by creating subscription or membership sites.

These sites keep special content behind a paywall, meaning viewers need to pay a subscription fee to get access.

You can use different platforms to build a subscription site, but WordPress is the best as it’s flexible and easy to use. When setting up your subscription site, make sure to tweak WordPress for rich media so you can easily share and embed your videos.


Video Courses and Tutorials

Online learning is becoming more and more popular, making video courses highly profitable.

You may wonder why people are willing to pay for courses when free content is available all over internet.

People go for premium courses as they are of high value, saving them time and effort. The paid courses are also well-structured and have concise information.

As a course creator, you can earn an average of $2,486 per course, as per Teachable’s internal data.

Platforms like Udemy or Teachable allow you to sell courses based on your video content.


Branded Content and Sponsorships

As your channel grows, brands may approach you for collaborations. Create sponsored content or feature products in your videos, earning money through brand partnerships.



Making exclusive video content?

Use Patreon to offer exclusive content to your subscribers.

Fans who subscribe pledge a certain amount each month to access this premium content. Patreon charges creators fees ranging from 5% to 12%.

If you can show your followers that your special content is valuable, this platform can be a great way to make money. It gives you a regular monthly income from your supporters.


Product Reviews

Creating product reviews is a popular way to earn money through videos.

People like to hear opinions from others before buying, and video reviews allow them to do just that. These reviews offer a visual look and direct feedback from real users, helping consumers make better decisions.

For content creators, product reviews also present an opportunity to earn through affiliate programs. Creators share a link to the company’s page and get a small percentage for each person who uses their link to buy something.

Sell Stock Footage

By implementing these practical steps, you can seamlessly integrate AI-generated videos into various monetization strategies, ensuring a legitimate and rewarding journey in the digital content landscape.

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