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Do You Have Fire In Your Belly?

Times are changing on the economic landscape, are you considering, going it alone?

Is the pain and uncertainty of living from one paycheck to another starting to eat away at your freedom?

I am sure many will answer yes and will at some point have had notions of becoming their own boss with their own time agenda.

The job market is unstable and those hints of replacement by Artificial Intelligence Systems add to a psychological uncertainty of what the future holds.

You are being bombarded by suggestions that there is another way forward: to jump the hamster wheel and create an income in your own Side Hustle or Business on or offline.

The fact of the matter is, going it alone is an attractive option, but knowing which way to go and how to start is the 60 million-dollar question.

Examining what you might be able to turn your hand to in order to fully replace your current income source is a tough call…you will see many opportunities that sound incredible and even, easy and rest assured these are generally too good to be true and are hyped to draw you in.

You may already have the seed of an idea of how you might be able to finally break free. Perhaps even a fully drafted plan of action.

But, do YOU have “Fire in Your Belly”?

Will you have the staying power?

No matter what type of income source you aspire to tap into as a lone soldier, you will need to take all the knocks that takes, and there WILL be knocks.

Whatever methods of research into an opportunity to harness, when its just YOU…you are the boss and your own employee and truly you will, in the early stages, probably work longer and harder than you did in the conventional work arena.

The return on your time and possible monetary investment will be very low at the start and you need the grit and determination to work on through it.

Is that YOU?

Photo by Nik on Unsplash

Painting this picture for you is not meant to deter you from your dreams, but more so to be a realistic reflection of how you will have to adjust to every hurdle to achieve your freedom.

As the saying goes, I have “been there and worn the t-shirt” on many occasions. I have planned and created small businesses that were viable, but things in life dashed them against the wall and often almost at the outset.

Investing time and money in opportunities both bricks and mortar and digital has taken its toll on my bank balance and sanity a fair few times over the years.

The good news, and yes there is some, I have been self-employed for 12 years now. My work is predominantly online and around Media, Web Development, Marketing and Copywriting.

My income is better than that of my last employment when I was the Operations Manager of a multi-million dollar turnover business.

I still work hard, I still have to put the hours in, however, I can schedule my work to suit leisure, family, social and vacations.

I do not have a boss, though I do have an accountant and I have a client base I have grown over the years.

Do not fool yourself into thinking there is a push-button laptop lifestyle out there. But realise if you have the fire in your belly and awareness that it is NOT going to be easy at first, things will drop into place. The advantages will be obvious.

A word to the wise, do not go all in straight away i.e. do not ditch your job on a whim.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Try to work on a Side Hustle, Part Time Business basis…get the feel of how things are going, and test out more than one income stream. With regards to the latter, even when you are comfortable with the income your new life brings you and you wave goodbye to your boss…still look at extra income streams.

When you are self-employed it is always worth having a fallback position.

My parting shot is this if you have an idea or have set out on this journey and you feel the need to bounce ideas off someone or grab a bit of free advice…I am willing to help (for free) and with 3 decades if online and offline business experience I should be able to point you in the right direction.

Hope I haven’t frightened you off and I wish you the very best in whatever you do in life.

Dominus Owen Markham

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