[PLR]Side Hustles and Quick Money Tactics:VOL1

Not your average PLR bundle…

For some of you you will have seen a deluge of PLR bundles popping up everywhere, “9 Million PLR Articles”, “Bumper PLR Email Swipes Pack”….etc. And they may seem like a bargain….until you really dig down into the $17 worth of data you just bought.

I would say on average bundles like this will give you about 1% of what may be useful copy….the rest? Well its hard drive filler. You will find that many of these collections consist of copy that will be 4 to 10 years old. That in itself isn’t always bad as some information is technically “evergreen”.

However, the time it will take you a) to sift through and find something half useable b) edit and proof read what comes from that….well that’s valuable time, not money making or progressive time spent.

What you need, if you are seeking PLR to help you with copy writing and getting eyeballs on your offer/blog/review etc…is QUALITY and what I class as CREATIVE, PLR. Something that has been created by someone that knows what they are doing, how to do it, how to promote and isn’t full of BS and FLUFF.

So….cutting to the chase, my buddy Kam, is one of only a small handful of PLR vendors that I trust to produce things that I know are not ye olde cut n paste 2013 scripts with loads of fluff around them. Kam is successful, knows what the bumps in the road feel like but is a “real” person, not someone hiding behind a sea of Virtual Assistants or quick Fiverr gigs.

[PLR]Side Hustles and Quick Money Tactics:VOL1

This collection is valuable, not only as a personal use product but also from the point of view that you get PLR (rights to resell its content as if it is your own!).

Check out the sales page, READ IT….and take my word for it, this is a no brainer purchase at super cheap ticket.

Kam gave me access to this product pre-launch and what you are getting is 14 email unbranded newsletter on the subject of simple ways to make money quickly online without over complicated systems or time intensive strategies.

Throughout the email series, 25 ways are laid out to help people start making money online quickly.

This unique newsletter is an intriguing series if you have less experienced people in your audience who are looking for new and exciting ways to earn money online!

It comes with a custom affiliate program black book, an instructional video on how to use the emails, a FULL PLR license, and more…

Now this is the point where some tyre kickers and freebie seekers will wonder what BONUSES am I offering you when you buy through my affiliate link…..well I am going to disappoint you, absolutely ZERO…and why?

The fact that I stand behind Kam’s work and product and want MOTIVATED people to pick it up is my gift to you, I am the messenger and I want you to grab this before the ticket hikes up, which it will. Then what I want you to do is, FOCUS, focus on the product and training within and put it into action….having a list of add on bonuses for you, in my opinion will only distract you.

So, people…go, grab something that is both QUALITY and VALUABLE!

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

By the way…Kam always puts additional QUALITY bonuses into the products

he creates so hey = VALUE!!!

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