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newsletter creation services

newsletter creation services

Having managed several popular newsletters for several clients and for some of my own businesses, I have been asked several times by customers if I would be able to run their newsletter option.

Newsletters are a great way of building a subscriber list and nurturing that list along with ensuring they get to see your latest activity along with offers directly in their inbox.

The main advantage is that your newsletter subscribers are a “warm list”, meaning they are already gravitated to your niche and are open to your knowledge, skills and style.

newsletter creation services

If you already have a subscriber list or want to build one and use Newsletters but do not have the time to do this yourself, my associate company is currently running an opening offer at a greatly reduced fee.

The added bonus to picking up on this sort of service from Trafficgigs and WeCopyWrite is that we already have a syndicated network, that means your newsletters/posts will also go out beyond any list to an array of social media platforms that will extend your reach.

Feel free to either pick up from WeCopyWrite or here on Trafficgigs, to talk through your needs and your options.

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