N-AI Is Here

At last, N-AI is live…Well to be honest it has been live for many decades!

So, what is N-AI?

Naturally Acquired Intelligence = N-AI 🙂

Yes, with all the talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) I thought it worth pointing out a few things about AI/ChatGPT and such.

I think people are forgetting that AI is purely a tool, not an entity capable of real emotions nor any understanding of real life experiences.

Now for sure these are great tools, services that will help you research, perhaps create an outline for an email, blog post or sales pitch….but there will always be a lack of a “real voice”.

Do not go down the road of cutting and pasting AI results and throwing it out there….a large percentage of people ARE, but even the search engines have AI engines that check whether or not content has a largely AI in origin….yup they can detect it, and will it impact ranking?…pretty sure you know the answer!

What I believe people have to take on board is N-AI, lessons learnt from their years on this planet, not inside a motherboard. Experiences of the real world, pains encountered, problems solved and successes are key to being honest and open in the content you create.

OK, so, having been in the online marketing stables for 3 or 4 DECADES….yup, I have encountered ups and downs, real experiences of things and people that are good and are….well…not so.

I have a very close circle of people in my industry that I actually see and know as “real”…meaning they are just like you and I, not hiding behind a shiny object or brand. They are people that put in the graft (work if you are not sure what graft is) and produce unique content which is interesting and motivating and literally does what it says on the tin.

Hopefully you are still with me at this point, as I am wanting to put in a big mention for my buddy of many years who I have worked with and yes purchased from in the knowledge that he offers something special, useful and filled with value.

Kam Jennings has once again produced a fascinating compilation of newsletters around the subject of FREE TRAFFIC RESOURCES…this is his VOL.2, and which looks at the subject with fresh and up to date knowledge he DID NOT USE AI for.

This is a 14 day sequence that can be used as a personal learning tool, reworked to produce entertaining and informational newsletters for your audience, perhaps even a basis for an online course and this is because when you buy the product you are also give PLR rights (Private Label Rights), which means you can reuse the content your way.

Whilst this has been a longish post, and I have given a small percentage to Kam’s new product, I expect you to take the time to follow the links to it and check out the whole deal, which, as always, Kam has several very valuable bonuses linked to the purchase.

In summary:

Check out Kam’s awesome deal, remember both AI and even PLR deserve to hear YOUR VOICE, USE YOUR N-AI.

Best Regards

Dominus Owen Markham

P.S. No Artificial Intelligence was in anyway utilised or harmed in the creation of this copy 🙂

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