My Secret 200k Email List…You Can Use For 23cents A Day

OK, so, whether you know it or not…Email Marketing is your number one tool in getting offers in front of people.

I have over the years built several niche specific subscriber lists to whom I send Newsletters, freebies and marketing…

*Note – Niche Specific subscribers – you need to be sending the right sort of messages and marketing to the people who actually have an interest in what you are saying. Having lists of thousands and thousands of email addresses is great IF they are within a niche you are marketing…if its just one of those Fiverr email lists….that’s generally a FAIL.

Now in addition to all of the subscribers I have attracted to my lists over the years I have also tested out “SAFELISTS”, which generally are focused on people in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche/Opportunity seekers. For sure there are good and bad suppliers…BUT, my number one GO TO lets me email 200,000 PLUS opportunity seekers for just 23cents a day….YUP!

This list brings your offer both traffic and potential sales….

Want in?


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