Memespring Millions???

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Memespring Millions???

Most people know about Teespring.  It’s a site where you upload some graphics that can be used to print t-shirts and other merchandise.  You don’t have to ship merchandise and you don’t have to buy products.  It’s 100% print on demand.  You only have to provide the design.

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Now, I don’t have to tell you that you can easily have these graphics designed cheaply by others using a site like fiverr, or that you can utilize the public domain and find all kinds of free designs.

However the designs are the easy part.  How do you get people to find the shirts you are selling once you have them up on Teespring?

Use memes.

Create a facebook page that is centered around a specific kind of memes geared towards a targeted audience.  It needs to be a tight niche, like Engineering memes, or Christmas memes, or Medium memes, you get it. 

Keep it tight.

When you set this page up you will be allowed to set up a Shop widget on the page.  You can link this shop widget to your Teespring store.

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Now just focus on building that page up with daily memes on the page, which is something you can automate right there from Facebook.  You can find memes everywhere and schedule them to go out everyday on your facebook page.

That traffic will drive people to your Teespring Store.

So to reiterate here:

Step 1) Start a Teespring Store.

Step 2) Figure out a tight niche

Step 3) Look for some graphics that would make good shirt designs for that niche.  Think funny or cool.

Step 4) List a shirt design on TeeSpring

Step 5) Start a facebook page designed around funny memes targeting your chosen tight niche.

Step 6) Set up a “shop” widget on your facebook page that will link to your Teespring store.

Step 7) Schedule memes to go out daily on your page and build up the following.

That’s it to this strategy.  A couple things to mention here. 

First, you might have to watch a couple of youtube videos to figure out how to do a few of the things I mentioned.  Some things are just better described with video.  This email is about giving you the idea and the birds eye view of how it works.  It’s up to you to get into the details of it, take the action, and make it golden.

I’ve already seen people use this exact method in the engineering niche, the personal dog brand niche, and several others.  No reason why you can’t be next.

That’s all I have for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick cash side hustle for you.  In the meantime, give this one a try and see what you can do!

Remember, information is only as good as the action you take.

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham


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