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Hey, how’s it going?

Well today I wanted to put some thoughts out there for you all…..I know some of you possibly already have some side hustles, affiliate marketing, home hobby businesses OR are seriously thinking about it.

Now, having a business of any kind involves investment, you HAVE to know that? And if not or you are not prepared to spend on your set up online and general running costs….well…..you are pretty much unlikely to make anything online.


HOWEVER, you will hear people talking (or selling) you expensive website set up’s but hey if you are starting out you really might not want to stretch to several hundred dollars on a website…and I understand that, been there worn the T-shirt albeit 30 plus years ago ( )

Some will point you to free website options such as WIX…once you get going with WIX and the like you will soon realise it wont be free if you want your own brand or extra functions.


Another thing you will be pushed or gravitate towards are Autoresponders, now these are a way of you collecting email leads, sending out newsletters (often known as broadcasts) and automating a series of drip fed follow up emails to your subscribers.

Sounds cool huh?

Well, yes they are but like everything you will find an ongoing running cost, one which will increase the more you build your email list…..and anyone selling autoresponder services will usually quote “for every subscriber on your list you can see them as a dollar a month income” – again, sounds great eh….so build a 1000 subscribers and you will get $1000/month…..the more you get, the more you reap…..hmmmm…NOPE!

Now email marketing has been around since the formative days of what we regard as the World Wide Web, and to be fair (again no matter what anyone says) it is going to be around for a long long time.

BUT one of the problems with email marketing using one of the known brand players is that you CAN NOT guarantee deliverability, meaning, they may send it but due to many complicated factors surrounding services such as these a decent percentage will a) not find their way into the subscribers inbox b) drop into a spam/junk folder.

So, you spend time and money building the “Money Is In The List”…list, and the service provider may not effectively deliver……and hey, another factor is they can pull the plug on you for even minor infringement of their terms and conditions and then make it difficult for you to download that list you have lovingly crafted…..yup, been there 3 times with 3 big name suppliers….and I got “pulled” due to someone else on the service spamming (misuse of direct mailing).

OK OK OK….so what pearls of wisdom do I have for you?

So, a checklist:

DOMAIN NAME: Approx $10/year

WEBSITE & HOSTING: Use a hosting service that offers WordPress (an easy for newbies method of building your own website to start with). To build a website you need hosting for it to reside on…..and there are some great suppliers, such as my current provider, GREENGEEKS, that have services for around $4/month (YUP), incidentally GREENGEEKS are hosting suppliers that care about the planet and use ECO-Friendly methods for their services. Oh yes….they also give a free domain with this $4/month service (WHAT!?).

EMAIL MARKETING TOOL: Now, this is back to the autoresponder….now they can start off at $15/month then quickly escalate (as your list builds) to $40/50/150/month….YUP! And if you look at what I said earlier there can be issues……but I also find an autoresponder to be “faceless”…..so you get a subscriber, automatically send a thank you and then you have a hundred pre-written emails queued to drop in on them day after day, emails you may have copy and pasted from other marketers etc.


For me, the Newsletter format is perfect, just like this one, I can still build my list, I can create snazzy looking copy with media and links in, I can send to everyone on my list…AND I have checked my stats, the deliverability is MOST EXCELLENT!…..AND I feel more like I am actually talking to you in the here and now, not rehashing an email from 3 years ago…………………….OH YES…..and the best part?


Better than that……

You can set up a paid newsletter for subscribers if you are looking to make money with the service…………how cool is THAT?!

A good buddy of mine has a great course on Substack and what is possible with it:


OK, I am winding this up for now, but I hope you can see that setting up an online business/side hustle may not be a scary money monster after all.

Should you need any help, have questions or looking for someone to assist you with websites and hosting….reply to this newsletter or pop over to: https://trafficgigs.com



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