Indiana Jones, Treasure hunting, and the Lost Dogs…

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Indiana Jones, Treasure hunting, and the Lost Dogs…

I want to talk with you about making money online in an easier way.  Imagine a way that much of the heavy lifting is done for you, instantly having you see the value of what you possess.  But to really do that…

…I need to take this whole conversation back to 1981.

You see, in 1981, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was an extremely popular movie. 

It saw legendary filmmakers George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg join forces to produce a captivating masterpiece of excitement.  The film made over $367,452,079 worldwide when all was said and done.

YIKES!  That could buy a lot of Fedoras!  Anyways…

Why was the movie so popular?  Why did it resonate with so many people?

Was it the results of visionary storytelling or a fantastic cast?  Was it the production design or the catchy operatic musical score?  Was it the ode to old-school 1920s pulp fiction?


But you know, I think that a big reason that movie was so popular, and the reason Indiana Jones still endured as an iconic character to this day, is simple.

All of us love a good treasure hunt.

We love the idea of going on an adventure and finding something we weren’t expecting. Something lost to the annals of time, something precious and far more valuable than anyone could have imagined.

It’s why we love shows like Pawn Stars and The Curse of Oak Island.  It’s why books like Treasure Island have endured and why people still fantasize about finding John Dillinger’s lost money!

The thrill of finding something valuable in the ruins.

That’s why I’m so excited to be writing this newsletter for you now.  Because throughout the following 14 emails, I will be teaching you all about some real-life TREASURE HUNTING!

I’m talking about the world of the Public Domain. 

The fact of the matter is the world of public domain, creative commons, no copyright reserved, and uncopyrightable content is a veritable goldmine for anyone with the ambition and cleverness to capitalize on it.

 In our next email, I want to explain in a little more detail what these things are, but for now…

…I just want to remind you that this series of emails will be memorable.  You’ll want to white list this email address, and be ready to save these emails someplace you won’t forget them, print them out if you have to…

…it’s the kind of thing you might reference for years to come…

Get ready.  We begin our adventure in the next post.

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

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