I remember getting started online…

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Written by my good buddy, Kam

“I remember getting started online…

It was 2011 and I had discovered how to sell physical books on Amazon for profit. It was a pretty awesome feeling. And I devoured information on the subject so that I could get better at it.

But I was always looking around for other things as well. Some of those things worked and some of them didn’t, but I was always searching.

I remember a couple years later writing a book about that experience selling physical books on Amazon, and publishing it on Kindle as a digital release.

But again, I remember when I wrote that book, I had never really written too many books before. I was researching all this information about how to do it, how to write it, how long it should be, etc..

And then when it didn’t sell like I wanted it to, I was researching how to sell it better.

And then when I started trying using YouTube to boost sales on my book, I was researching about YouTube and how to use THAT better.

And then I remember when I felt like Amazon was taking too big of  cut on sales when the traffic to my book was being generated with YouTube by me.

Well, I started studying websites and membership sites and how to make that happen. I mean, I figured I could make more from my work if I took my property off of Amazon…

…and you know…

…on and on it goes.

That’s the funny thing about beginners though. They are studying a lot of techniques, strategies, and tactics. They WANT to learn new ways of doing things.

white and black french bulldog
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The secret bit of information.

The hidden gem of knowledge.

I remember, before I was really committed to what I was doing online, I was on the hunt for every interesting way to make money out there.

Every side hustle…

Every strategy…

Every tactic…

I wanted to know. Curiosity was the order of the day and you know what?

I still feel that way a little bit.

I want to know what’s new and what’s working.

The thing is, the internet is always changing. You kind of have to keep your head on a swivel around here.

There is always something new coming out, always some hidden thing around the corner.

I bring all this stuff up about being curious and exploring new strategies all the time because I have a brand new newsletter that I just released today, and I want you to know why I’m putting it out.

It’s called

Side Hustles and Quick Money Tactics:VOL 1

And I want you to know why it’s important, and why this was the subject I chose to write about this month.

The thing is, every massive online business out there started as nothing more than a simple idea and a vision of what might be possible. But if you study the great entrepreneurs of the world…

…all those ideas…

The key there was one word, “simple.” All those ideas, when they originally saw success, were simple. They were stripped down versions of what they would one day become.

Simple proven ideas are important. Less moving parts. Easier to identify what is wrong when things aren’t working. And sometimes…

…it’s not even about building some giant business empire…

Sometimes people just want an easy, effective way to earn a little extra money online, without having to dedicate a bunch of time or energy to it.

To me, these ideas…


Side Hustles and Quick Money Tactics

They are the fertile soil upon which real sustainable success is built. Simple ideas that prove to you they can work, and then you grow it from there.

It was a simple idea to sell those physical books on Amazon, but without that experience, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.

Without that experience there wouldn’t have been an Adventures On the River (my old membership site)

There wouldn’t have been an Epic Conversions (my digital publishing company)

And there wouldn’t have been an Epic Conversions Insiders Club(current membership site) or all the other things I have done since…

It all started with that simple idea of selling books on good ol’Amazon.

So to me, publishing a newsletter on Side Hustles and QuickMoney Tactics is a return to my roots.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you more about my new 14 email

newsletter with PLR license, but for now I’ve rambled on long enough. Get over there and check er’ out!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might havebefore purchase!



This is email 1 of an 8 email promotional campaign for the newest Epic Conversions PLR newsletter,

Side Hustles and QuickMoney Tactics:VOL1

I’ll deliver 7 more messages on this subject. Buy with confidence, thanks for being a valued subscriber”

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

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