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Now, I am pretty sure many of you will have heard of the “push button” methods to making money online?

Maybe even seen “FREE Traffic Software”?

Well, yes there are ways to technically push a button and get your offers and services seen and some of the glossy sales pages will intimate THEIR cloud based method is all you will ever need.

Ha! If only that was true, to be honest these claims are backed up the fact that, yes you will get “some” traffic, but you aint going to get ground shaking response or a deluge of online income……you just wont!

Would you like to know how the big online players get traffic and cash at the push of a button?

What is the secret to making money online?

How much do I need to invest?

All very valid questions for sure and I am here to “spill the beans” (I probably wont be popular with the Guru’s but I can live with that).

Right, you need the tools of the trade…….

Dont let them convince you that you “Dont need a website”, “Dont need a list”……..they are your PRIMARY requirements for ANY business.

So why do you need a website?

Well, you can post you offers to social media platforms for free – they will have about a 15% chance of being seen by people on your list…..so if you have 5000 Followers, that equates to about 750 that might see it…..of those you may get 1 to 2% that actually take time to look/read/interact with the offer…so maybe 15 people…..of those an average conversion rate (whether that be an actual sale or request for more info) is maybe 3% IF you are lucky and that equates to less than 1 person!

So what do you do?

Often people then invest in advertising, lets say we are talking about FaceBook……buying ads that focus on the right demograph for your product or service aint cheap and can easily become an overhead that can fully deplete your profit margin…Why?….because Facebook only really wants to “play” with the Big Boys, those will millions to spend on advertising…..so hey who do you think goes to the head of the queue for being seen by the public?

It’s all sounding pretty grim, isnt it?

People, what you need to base ANY online or offline business on is a Website/Blog*…it’s a Must Have, I assure you its number one on your Todo list.

Why? I hear you ask.

OK, so lets say you are looking for a product or service in your area, even an online service…what do you do?

Well some will ask a friend for recommendations, usually that will take the form of someone giving you a website name of the service/product/brand you are interested in….or more often than not you will use Google….am I right?

Sometimes people will refer you to a social media account/post or person…..what do you do? You look for their “business card” ie, look for their website…and why? Well because you want to validate them, check their validity…..a website or blog is the home of your business card/your brand/your message.

*If you need a cost effective supplier of websites/blogs – someone that has been doing this for decades email me for advice*

What do you need next?

You need a List….a list of emails that are people already interested in your business, they may be people you have sold to before or people that have shown an interest in what you do, so classified as niche targeted leads.

Hmmmm…..I know you are thinking “How do I find these people?”, well this is the part that takes regular action on your part.

You have to create a website/blog that showcases what you do, and in a way that the search engines recognise your existance, you cant just build a site then expect people to find it……its like opening a high street outlet, just because you build it, it isnt a case of “build it and they shall come”.

Your ongoing job is to market it, to create content for the blog or website that will attract interest, you need to harness social media platforms, and I dont just mean one, I mean SEVERAL, and get your offers on them all as often as possible….you need to draw them away from the social media platforms to see you offer. And when they get there you need a method of capturing their emails. The latter can be achieved by giving them a freebie for their email or perhaps a discount code for their first purchase…you MUST have come across that tactic many many times?

Once you have them on your list you follow up with the gift/discount/a welcome email and begin to market to them whilst also offering them valuable FREE advice or products……you have to create a “know, like and trust” reationship with the people on your list.

How do I collect their emails?

Your next investment is in an Autoresponder, this is a software that integrates with your site and creates forms that people enter their emails in, in response to your freebie or discount offer. Once on your autoresponder list you can create predfined emails that send them their goodies, totally handsfree.

From there, you can then construct emails or newsletters that you can write one and then tell the autoresponder to send it to the whole list…..clever huh?


Right, so how much is that autoresponder thingy?

Well of course there are several very well know brands out there that offer the service and you can subscribe to most of them for around $15/$20 per month, at least whilst you list is under say 1500…..not to be sneezed at, but there are pitfalls with the big brand autoresponders. Thing is as you increase your list, the costs go up and I mean double or triple very quickly. Then if “they” or their system suddenly decides you might not be following best practice they can drop you ie stop the service and block you from using it….and yup, in some cases, you will find it hard to withdraw/export your loving built subscriber list….it’s happened to the best of em!

My recommendation is to buy, yes there is a cost factor, a one time payment plugin that integrates with your website >>yourownautoresponder<< this can be set up in your WordPress website quite easily and the overhead is just ONCE…..NO monthly costs, NO derailing of you subscriber list! As a footnote, I have been using this method for over a year on 5 of my own websites and the guys n gals behind this product are great at customer service and support…there are training videos to walk you through the install process OR you do have ME….always happy to help!

So, your Tool Kit thus far is:

The add-ons to this of course are YOUR activity with other social media platforms and building your Blog…I have put together a FREE report about Launching Your Blog in 2021 >>GRAB IT HERE<<

Also, I can recommend a method of grabbing a FREE Email list of more that 120,000 opportunity seekers >>GO HERE<< 

The Free opportunity list, above, may not be neccessarily all be orientated to your offer/niche BUT a percentage may well resonate with your offer if you create inspiring and motivational emails. And remember if you are driving traffic to your blog, ensure you have your autoresponder set up to capture those that are interested!

The key to everything is……ACTION you must commit, just like any business, to actively promoting your business, blog or offer….keep this in mind……everyone knows the brand Coca Cola…yes? They run many blogs that point to their brand for instance: https://www.coca-colacompany.com/

OK people, thats me for today, good luck with your journey, but remember I have got your back if you need my help and advice: >>MESSAGE ME FOR FREE<<

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham


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