Here’s The Butt-Ugly Truth About Digital Nomads!

So, you wish that you there living the epic life of adventure….a  digital nomad…..languishing in the “Laptop Lifestyle”?

Your Social Media feeds showing off your wealth and freed with images of awesome locations, beautiful companions and spectacular food……?

Here’s the “Digital Nomads” darkest secret…..

According to research, the average “nomad” earns only $1300 a month.

That’s not even enough for rent!

What’s worst, these earnings are not consistent and some even end up begging on the streets to make ends meet.

How humiliating is that?

Now, worry NOT, here’s the RIGHT WAY to do it instead if you want to travel the world LAVISHLY without ending up running out of cash, my good friend Shawn, who has generated over $500,000 in sales last year has something for you:

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Here’s the main problem with being a digital nomad.

Their business model sucks. Most of them are freelancers heavily reliant on services. So when the project is done, the income disappears.

That’s why the subscription model is the way to go. Where people pay you over and over again.

Just like Large Streaming Companies.

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Dominus Owen Markham

P.S. Ever wanted to hang out in Phuket, scale the heights of Machu Picchu or just have an extended worry-free vacation but didn’t have the resources?

Here’s how to construct the lifestyle business of your dreams.

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