From the Most Humble Beginnings…

Elvis Presley, having sold over a billion records, recognized as the best-selling solo music artist of all time, amassing millions of fans, and being dubbed the KING of Rock and Roll…

…you wouldn’t think much about failure when you think of Elvis.  However, it wasn’t always so easy for the King.

Did you know that Elvis actually FAILED music class in high school?  It’s true.  He was considered a “quiet outsider” and a social misfit as a boy.

He was actually working as a truck driver to make ends meet while trying to get his music career going.  After his first paying gig, his manager told him rather candidly…

“You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son.  You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck.”

But Elvis didn’t stop.  He kept on going anyway, even though his first recordings flopped. At one point he tried joining a vocal quartet and they told him he couldn’t sing.

That was Elvis.  His manager didn’t believe in him.  Nobody thought he could sing.  His recordings weren’t going anywhere…

…but he kept going anyways.

Maybe it was love.  Maybe it was fate.  Maybe it was just good ol’fashioned hard-headedness.   Whatever it was though, Elvis would not be denied. 

Have YOU ever tried hard to succeed at something, but it just seemed like it always ended in failure?  That’s happened to many people in the world of internet marketing and online business.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to be talking with you about succeeding in online business after having failed multiple times.  Can you relate to that?

Through the insights, stories, and strategies we’ll be discussing in the coming posts, I hope to get you moving on the right track and finally start to see some success online.

I want you to be sure to , keep them in a safe place, print them out if you need to because we are going to be talking about some important stuff here.

You aren’t going to want to miss it.   I’ll see you in the next post!

Dominus Owen Markham

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