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Hello All!

So, we are nearing the end of another year. A year once more blighted by the dread Pandemic and all its knock on effects.

Is this the time you start to look to the future and wonder how that’s going to pan out?

Perhaps even make plans to do things differently?

Well, I have been knocking about on the old wibbly web running a few online businesses, both ecommerce and services) plus tinkering with a side hustle hither and yon. And hey I have to say with 3 decades (yup!) of online and offline experience, I can positively state that there IS gold in them thar digital hills…..BUT you have to gather together the right skills and tools.

This newsletter/blog is associated with one of my many websites, where I bring together news, reviews and resources to help people get up and running with some form of online income.

Let’s be fair, the world has gone and is going THIS IS THE TIME in which to take action and create some digital assets (online stuff that will make you some coin).

So why am I starting another Profitboxes newsletter?

I know only too well that many who browse my site/s may or may not take away anything from it and probably only 3% to 5% will actually action in order to make financial returns….it’s human nature I know but we live in times where the weak will fall by the wayside….dramatic eh? But quite, quite true.

From THIS platform I want to bring together the 3% to 5% group, not the tyre kickers but those that have a passion to make something of their own online and that puts food on the table….because that’s where it starts. Basic needs are important, this isn’t a hobby this is a business….making money online is a business and should be seen as such.

Basically there are many routes to making money online and I am an advocate of picking up on 1 to 3 of them as side hustles, even in the off line world I used to play like this. Always have a fall back position.

Going all in on one opportunity can be a BIG GAMBLE, if you still have employment DO NOT resign on a whim. You need to nurture your idea, start to build and yes use some of the J.O.B. income to both LEARN and INVEST in what is needed….the technical bricks and mortar of a business.

For those of you without current employment don’t worry you can still do anything you pretty much want online BUT no doubt it may take just a little longer utilising the free resources that are available out and about and that I will point all of you to.

Now, if you would like to join me on this journey….a journey where you will learn from my experience, you will get the chance to communicate with me directly about what you want to do, or even what you are doing and how you would to progress it, you will get freebie reports, written by me or one of my most trusted friends (not some faceless “guru” that talks BS), you will get pointers on the things to avoid and the things to research…..but always I will be your guide on this journey.

I am in affect your coach…..I prefer to see myself as becoming a friend that helps you out to be honest and I want you ALL to benefit, I want to see you both grow online and enjoy the rewards of that.

Sound good?

What’s the catch?

I don’t think I built in a “catch” lol…..but being that I have launched this via perhaps, if you are one of my 3% to 5% special circle of friends, you might take the opportunity of buying me a coffee or two… this point I do not want to go down the road of making this a paid subscription as I know times are hard for most, now more than ever…so lets see where we go with this.

And remember, I am but an email away if you want to drop me a line, tell me where you are at, what you experiences have been online or offline for that matter and what you hopes and dreams are.

Click my name below to email or use that chat system on

Dominus Owen Markham

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