Buying All The Tools Doesn’t Make You A Craftsman

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But seriously… doesn’t!

Having kicked around business both on and off line for several decades it still gets me that people still think if they buy the best and “easiest” tools and systems, they will instantly become successful in their niche.

It isn’t so people, I can assure you.

When you see the adverts for “Push Button Results”, “Push Button Income”….think about it, fine read the sales hype, but the go grab a big chunk of salt and throw it at it.

Look, let’s be honest, if these shiny objects and push button wealth systems worked as well as the vendor says, do you think honestly they would sell the concept to people….why would you? You would keep it to yourself and grind the sh*z out of it!

Business online is exactly the same as that off line, whilst I appreciate technology makes it have different moving parts, basically, you have an offer or service, you want people to buy. You need a means of selling it effectively and in the knowledge it does what it says on the box.

Now, like anything you need a reputation, authority, credibility….you need to build a rapport with potential customers, they aren’t going to buy it instantly you put it in front of them…nope, they’re not!

An old adage, “Know, Like and Trust”, stands true even in the online arena….do you think I would just buy any old system, service or even an eBook from someone I hadn’t been able to verify in some way, even if only by a recommend? Nope…I wouldn’t and nor should you.

Look, business is business, it takes WORK… takes creativity, understanding (primarily understanding your customers needs), flexibility…knowledge and the latter does not happen at the push of a button be it physical or virtual.

I have, to my credit (I think anyways), helped build a several million turnover business, employing 350 personnel in a matter of 2 years….from the seed of the Director, myself, an Administration Manager and a workforce of…3!

So, how do you think that happened?

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It happened because it is a known need, something most companies require at some level, myself and the Director had a knowledge of the business niche from several perspectives (we had both once started at the bottom of the ladder and climbed up it).

We knew we had to approach clients, explain who we were, what we had as skills, what we had to offer to solve their problems…we knew we would have to deliver on our promises, build teams of people to facilitate the services. And those teams of people also had to see us as credible, able, trustworthy and that they liked us….ha and they pay packet.

It’s the same online, truly it is, whilst you may be able to create businesses online that negates your need to meet people face to face, they will still want to know your pedigree, proof of service, guarantees and a sense that you are “real”….more and more today people are looking for people to do business with that they feel they know in some way. They know you have family, where in the world you live, the sort of people you have around you… deliver on your promises.

All of this takes work, yes, but the movement online is an upturn in people wanting to work with and buy from genuine people, not those big brands you have seen all of your life. Truth here is, that often they will pay that bit more to a supplier they feel is a normal person.

So, final thoughts, if you are in business or looking to start out, don’t get sucked into thinking there are shortcuts/push button solutions, you have to work at it….ensure that what you are working at is something you like, something you know and if you don’t know a great deal about it….LEARN…immerse yourself in knowledge, find people and businesses in your niche and learn from them….but always, always be honest, do not try to pretend you are something/someone you are not.

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham

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