Atlantis Review and Bonuses

Atlantis Review and Bonuses

OK, so we should all know by now that whatever we are doing online, whether we are promoting our own products, someone else’s or looking to get attention on our blogs….we NEED eyeballs.

Now eyeballs are ok, as long as they are eyeballs actually interested in what you are putting out there….we need niche specific eyeballs.

And how do we do that?

Well, one of the best places to hunt down where our potential niche audience gather is via Social Media….and that as you will realise is a massive playing field. However looking within one of the most active Social Media Platforms, and I am talking about Instagram, is the key to our search.

What if there was an app that you could use, a) to find people to follow and b) inbox them a special message in Instagram? And what if this is an automated system?

Sounds good?

Sure it does!

Well recently a good friend of mine, Paula-Maree, asked me if I would like to Beta Test such a product…Atlantis….of course I did lol!

So, initially I used the Front End product, went through the detailed training, installed the special software, opened my Instagram account in a Chrome browser and honed in on a couple of authority profiles within a niche I am currently working with…..and set the system to work…within 15 minutes it had gone to the profile and followed around 30 or so profiles, I had set up a basic greetings message in the system and pressed the button….off it went in boxing everyone I had followed with my message…..

Around 70 or 80% of the people I followed, followed me back the same day……and the next day? 

I did the same again!

And I am already seeing an increase in interest in things I am putting out there and responses to my messages. Connecting and communicating is important, people need to know you are “real”…..the adage that people tend to buy from people they “know, like and trust” is so very very important!

Now I can fully stand behind this product that Paula-Maree has brought to us….but it gets better than that…

I also beta tested the Pro version…..what’s good about that? Well you can do everything the same as the front end product BUT it will work on up to 200 follows a day and it acts like a human rather than a AI bot, it does not just batch hit follow for 200 people it moves about the list, pauses and picks out profiles in a more “human” way.

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of this product, the training and thought behind it and recommend you grab the Front End as soon as possible and DEFINITELY consider buying at least the Pro version also……there are other goodies to be had and if you buy through my link I will have some extra special bonuses that will add even more value.





Dominus Owen Markham


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