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AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be encroaching on every corner of our online lives.

I write and run, many websites, both for myself and for clients, thus I have always had a gazillion emails every day to check over.

Now it seems every other one is trying to offer me the latest “AI Solution”…

But is it?

Truth is, in my opinion and to some degree experience of having looked at a few of these “solutions”, is that it’s the old “snake oil” tactic.

People are pushing software and services claiming they are AI based…hmmm well you could kinda agree, but only from the point of view that they come from a series of code driving software that has a result…an output….much like me typing this article.

Not really AI is it?

People are promoting programs that they have been promoting for years, but now, because perhaps they have it working from the cloud, they feel the spin can be that it is AI…no people, NO!

Yes, there are some fantastical services and software that will of course be driven by AI, but do you think you are going to pick that up for between $7 and $27?

This one is going to be short and sweet as such, just wanted to express my thoughts and say “Buyer Beware”, all may NOT be what it is portrayed as.

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

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