7 Tactics Affiliate Marketers Can Use To Make Money With PLR Content

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, did you know there are several ways you can save time, save money, and even make more money by using private label rights (PLR) content? Well, in this article I’m going to give you 7 tactics that you can start using PLR content in your affiliate marketing! Pay attention because I’m about to open your mind to a whole host of ways to start using PLR content and cashing in with it in your affiliate marketing business!

Tactic #1: Using PLR To Create Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the “freebies” you create to entice people to join your list. Things like reports, cheatsheets, checklists, printables, etc. Once people are on your list then you can market all kinds of products to them as an affiliate. However, creating these “freebies” can be very time consuming. When you use PLR though you can save a ton of time and use ready to go content to create amazing “freebies” that people in your niche really want and will hop on your list to be able to get access to.

To get started using this tactic comb through any PLR content you already have and see what you can use to create a lead magnet. The more of these you have the more opportunities you have to get people interested and on to your list.

Tactic #2: Using PLR To Create Blog Content

Many of us affiliate marketers have blogs where we promote things that we’re an affiliate for, share content to educate and attract new followers, and the list goes on and on. PLR content is a perfect time saver to take and use as content for your blog. You can use PLR content as educational content, or weave in promotions for things you’re an affiliate for and make sales straight from your content.

Tactic #3: Using PLR To Create Social Media Content

Social media is a great way to build a following and drive traffic as an affiliate marketer. Now you can take PLR content and work it into things you can share on social media, but you can also find graphics and other content that is specifically designed for you to use on your social media channels.

Do a Google search and see what you can find for your niche. If you find PLR to social media content, buy it, and see how you can work it into your own social media marketing plan. Of course, there are all types of content that you can take and turn into social media content. It doesn’t have to specifically be for social media.

Tactic #4: Using PLR To Create Bonus Products

A great tactic to get people to buy through your affiliate links is to offer bonus products. When you use PLR content you can create several different bonuses on an array of topics very quickly. You can create your own ebooks, video tutorials, cheatsheets, checklists, and the list goes on and on.  

I recommend you take a look at the products you’re currently promoting as an affiliate, take note of related topics, and then search out PLR content on those topics. You can then take the PLR content you find and create bonuses that are directly related to what your customers are purchasing from you. To go even a step further you can create 2-3 bonus products, and setup a bonus page showing your customer the extra products they get when purchasing from you, and then direct them to purchase through your affiliate link. You’ll be amazed at how great this strategy works and how easy it is to create bonus products when using PLR content.

Tactic #5: Using PLR To Create Videos

Video is a great addition to your affiliate marketing arsenal. You can use videos to educate your audience and/or create promotional videos to directly promote the products that you’re an affiliate for.

Creating educational videos is pretty easy because you’ll simply take the text parts of the PLR content you want to use and put them together in a presentation. You can use PowerPoint, Canva presentations, or any of the other several presentation creator software out there. When creating promotional videos you’ll have to get a little creative, but my advice would be to use pieces of PLR content to create short promotional videos and have your link at the end of them.

Tactic #6: Using PLR To Create Product Reviews

There are so many different types of PLR content out there and you might be surprised, but you can also buy PLR to reviews that other people have written that you can use as your own.

What I suggest that you do is do some research and look for reviews that are related to your niche. Buy them, get your affiliate links for the products they promote, and then simply publish them to your blog. This is probably the quickest and easiest PLR content type to profit with!

Tactic #7: Using PLR To Create Emails

Yes! You can even find PLR to emails that you can use in your affiliate marketing. Email marketing is a huge part of most affiliate marketing businesses, and you can find PLR to welcome sequences, content sequences, promotional sequences, and more. Edit these with your own information and any tweaks you want to make, load them into your autoresponder, and you can put your email marketing on autopilot in your affiliate marketing business.

Hopefully these 7 tactics that I’ve given you here have you excited about incorporating PLR content into your affiliate marketing business. I encourage you to head over to Google and start doing some research on what PLR is available in your niche.

As you find PLR content that your audience would be interested in then purchase it. Come back to these 7 tactics and pick one to use with some of the PLR content you have purchased.

Once you implement one tactic come back and pick another one until you’ve used all the tactics you possibly can in your business.

The more tactics you use the more money you’ll make and with PLR content it’s just too easy to not implement these tactics.

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham


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