3 Under the Radar traffic sources for you…

3 Under the Radar traffic sources for you…

So as you know I am currently promoting Lee Murray’s DONE FOR YOU affiliate marketing package, Enter The Niche.

This thing is really cool and includes monetized lead magnet, monetized email follow-up series (with 21 DFY emails), a high-converting squeeze page, monetized thank-you page…

…and 12-part video training series…

…but I digress.

Although Lee was nice enough to include multiple ways to drive traffic with that package…

It is my belief that we can always use a few more traffic sources, so I want to give you three more you might not be aware of right now. 

3 Traffic Sources You Can Use With

Lee Murray’s Enter The Niche:

Traffic Source One) Google Discover –  Google Discover is the new name for Google Feed and shows people topics and news around topics that interest you.

With Google Discover people can get information about their interests, without searching for them.

If you have the Google mobile app or the Chrome mobile app, you probably have already seen it.  However it’s important to note that Google Discover is working everywhere. 

Even on laptops and desktops.

This is basically Google’s answer to the Facebook newsfeed.

How do you take advantage of it?  It’s in the way you publish content on your website.

Step 1) Images – Use relevant high-quality images with your content because images appear with every Discover result. Choose images that are more likely to get clicked. Think unique relevant images that are shocking or evoke curiosity.


Step 2) In Demand Content – Check which topics Google suggests following inside of Discover and think how you might relate that topic to your niche.

Consider using their suggested topics as a guide to what people are interested in.  Could you write about that topic and relate it back to your niche with a takeaway or lesson for your audience?

Step 3) Syndicate –  Remember Google Discover is a social feed.  It is reactive to social triggering. 

Focus on topics with shareability, that are trending, with growing interest, and also on utilizing enticing titles and headlines. 

Find ways to re-create your content in other places like facebook, youtube, reddit, among others and link back to the original content.

Okay Google Discover is pretty cool but like I said, I have 2 more traffic sources for you so let’s move on…

Traffic Source 2)  Adblade – Adblade is a paid traffic platform that will run native ads for you.  They are cool because it’s only 50 bucks to get started and you can see some pretty amazing results.

The key with Adblade is understanding that you are running native ads here. 

Most peoples intent when they click on a native ad is some kind of interesting article or information.  So follow these steps for success:

Step 1) Image is King – Real-life people in natural settings work well. So pick images that don’t look staged or posed. 

Images should be simple, without a lot of background noise, and have one focal point.  Images should be clear, have bright colors and not be pixelated.

Step 2) Killer Copy – Use language that excites the audience.  Entice the reader to click on an ad by using leading questions or statements. 

Both the Short Description and Long Description should make sense together and separately. 

You have 25 characters in the short description and 100 characters in the long description so choose your words carefully.

Step 3) Relevancy – Think about what the intent is of a person who would click on your ad.  Make sure that what they find on the other side is congruent with that intent. 

It does no good to get them to click through if you lose them after the click.  Think natural progression.

Adblade is a great way to put traffic into a good affiliate marketing funnel fast, but let’s talk about one more…

Traffic Source 3) GMB – Google My Business is something that I have talked about before, however it’s such a great passive traffic driver that I wanted to mention it again. 

You have to jump through a few hoops to set yours up but after that, it will continue to drive your website traffic month after month. Follow these steps for maximum benefit:

Step 1) Add logo and pictures – When you set up your GMB, be sure to add a business logo and a few pictures of yourself.  Also be sure to add business hours of operation and a location for your business. 

These things will legitimize your business in the eyes of the google algo and get you more traffic.

Step 2) Update your GMB for Holidays and events –  Google makes this easy, as they will send you notifications and reminders via email asking you for any updates on your business for holidays.

Step 3) Post weekly – Google decided to turn things up a notch by adding the “Post” functionality to GMB. This means you can publish posts on-the-go using GMB Android and iOS apps or even website.


Any business with a GMB account can use it to share content with text, links, and images.  If your having a sale, published a new blog post, running a new affiliate promotion, or something else, it can be a relevant post for GMB.

ALright, now there’s 3 cool traffic sources that you might not have known about…

…but I happen to know for a fact that Lee Murray is going to teach you 3 more inside Enter The Niche, and when you combine this info I just gave you…

…with the DFY content and info that Lee is going to give you inside…

…It’s a powerful combination that can get you making great money in a hurry with affiliate marketing.

Anyways, I’m going to end this one here, I want to wish you a fantastic day, and I hope you truly enjoy the ridiculously good content you receive inside Lee’s Enter The Niche affiliate marketing package


P.S. REMEMBER…As a bonus, when you pick up Lee’s Enter The Niche through my affiliate link you will be getting access to my email list of 85k plus contacts that I will send your best offer to for you totally for free!

No reason I can think of why it couldn’t work for you as well. 

Grab this thing and get access to MY email list!



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