😜4.2 million visitors a month…😜

4.2 million visitors a month…

I told you in the last message that we are going to be digging into some of the internet’s underground, little known traffic sources, and I was not kidding. 

I have 14 sources I want to talk with you about and we are going to be getting into all of them over the series of the next several posts.  Just imagine what you could do with 14 additional sources of untapped traffic?

I have some 2 quick housekeeping points before we begin, though. 

First) Whenever I’m talking about a traffic source and you see a (dot)  just go ahead and replace that with an actual dot, for the true url. 

For example, if you saw me talk about facebook(dot)com you would know I was talking about Facebook. 

Second) I want you to feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  I’m here for you and I want you to succeed, so do not hesitate to reply back to me in these emails.

Okay, on to traffic source number 1…


Traffic Source One) Signal(dot)org – Signal is an instant messaging service that gets over 4.2 million visitors a month.  Now that is just the website.  The app itself has literally over 40 million users.

Not only are there a considerable amount of traffic to this website, and people using this app, but 22% of those users are in the United States. 

People use Signal to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. 

But how do you use it to generate traffic?

The key is to utilize Signals groups.  You have two options. 

You can join existing groups on niche specific subjects and promote inside them, or you can create your own groups on specific niche related subjects and let people come to you.

A little of both will probably get you the fastest results.

First) You need to download the app to your phone AND your desktop.  Then link them together.  Don’t worry, it is explained well on site and easy to do.

Second) You need to find these niche related groups.  You won’t be able to do it directly with Signal, unfortunately so you need some help. 

If you go to siggrouplink(dot)com you will find some listings for active Signal groups in a variety of categories.  The key is to find relevant groups for your niche.

Another source for finding Signal groups is signalgroupslinks(dot)com.  Again plenty of Signal groups to be found. 

Each group on Signal can have up to a 1,000 people, so if you have any trouble joining a group because it’s full, that becomes an opportunity for you to create a similarly titled group and capture that traffic.

And that brings me to the second way to use this platform. 


Creating your own groups.

To make this happen:

First) Be sure to pick a name that is very niche related.

Second) Next, When you create your own niche related group using Signal, leave the “disappearing messages” feature off, so that when people join they can see older messages that you have posted.  Then click create.

Third) After that, go into group settings and turn “group link” on.  This is very important.  It will give you a link to share and promote your group with.

Fourth) Then go to permissions and make sure all members can ADD members and SEND messages, but only YOU can edit group info.

Fifth) Finally, go to the websites that publicly list Signal groups (like the ones I shared above) and note the groups similar to yours that they have listed BUT are FULL.  Remember that means it’s an in demand group.

Contact the site owner and let them know one of their Signal Group listings is full and is not providing value to their readers, however you have a similar Signal group that is open for new members.

Some of the Signal group resources actually have an option to “Add a Signal Group” which makes it even easier.

Just like with any other marketing strategy though the key with the Signal group strategy is to be consistent.  Make the group interesting with consistent content.  Promote the group regularly to appropriate places.

Alright, that’s all I got for you today.  I’ll be back with another under the radar traffic resource in our next message, but in the meantime check out Signal and decide if it’s right for you and your business to drive traffic!

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham





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